MOB Transportation

MOB offers transport solutions of various types. MOB Transportation provides superior and dependable transportation services which consistently deliver value to leading companies and customers who place a premium on performance and safety.

In Particular, we provide transportation service of containerized goods (20ft/40ft),  general/bulk cargo e.g steel, fertilizer, rice, chemicals; and Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). We own and maintain our own truck fleet, allowing us to be responsive and flexible to our customers.

We currently provide local transportation from the ports (Apapa & Tincan), to warehouse, or upcountry services into different states within Nigeria.


Communications & Technology

A major reason for the successes of MOB Transportation is the widespread incorporation of communications and technology in almost all operations of the Company. The use of the latest equipment available allows us to exceed the expectations of our clients.

The MOB fleet is equipped with the latest tracking systems and a Motorola GM140 2-way satellite communications system. This technology assures quick response time, absolute accuracy, on the spot tracking, and dependable delivery.