MOB Real Estate handles the development, and management of all company properties and investments.
All MOB real estate projects are designed to provide unique take and ambiance for our clients. The following are our completed and ongoing projects:


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Lola’s Terrace, Abuja

Lola's Terrace is a luxury real estate development with serviced 4-unit modern townhome.

Status of Project: Completed
Location: Katampe Extension Abuja
Building type: Serviced Town House
No. of units: 4-unit town home with pent floor (3 or 4 bedrooms). Note: One room could be used either as a study, bedroom or storage (Owner’s Choice)
Facilities: Swimming pool, Gym, Walkway, Lush gardens.
Services: 24 hr Security, Dry cleaning service, Maintenance, and more.

MOB Apartments (Parkview, Ikoyi)

The MOB Terraces is a luxury semi-detached homes project

Status of Project: Yet to commence (August 2017)
Location: Park view Ikoyi Lagos
Proposed building type: Semi-Detached Terraces
Proposed no. of units: 4 Units
Proposed facilities: Swimming pool

MOB Apartments (Accra, Ghana)

The MOB Apartments Accra is a luxury serviced apartment building.

Status of Project: Commenced Construction September 2016
Completion Date: July 2020
Location: Accra Ghana
Proposed building type: Serviced Luxury Apartment
Proposed no. of units: 5-Unit flats (Studio Apartments, 3-bedroom Apartments & Penthouse).
Proposed facilities: Gym and Lush Garden